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MODELPALOOZA: GKUS will be attending Modelpalooza in Orlando, FL the weekend of September 14th. You can read about the show, location etc. here:
So stop by if you're in town. :)
NEW COLORS: As well as offering all the new colors individually, we're going to be offering 3 sets:
NEW ENHANCER SET: this set will contain only the new Enhancer colors (Yellow, Gold Toner, Sepia, Pale Flesh, and Bright Flesh). I'm going to keep this set around for about 3 months or so, so that folks who've already bought the original Enhancer Set can get these at the same discount. After 3 months, I'll merge both sets into ones, and this set will no longer be offered.
WEATHERING SET: this set will only contain the new Weathering Colors. We will likely be adding a few more colors to this set as we progress.
2018 NEW COLORS SET: this set will include all the new colors being added to the line in 1 batch.
147 - Turquoise
380 - Rust Wash
381 - Light Rust
382 - Medium Rust
383 - Dark Rust
384 - Orange Rust
385 - Dust
386 - Sand
387 - Dirt
388 - Mud
389 - Transparent Oil
390 - Mahogany
391 - Sea Gray
444 - Tranparent Turquoise
505 - Yellow Enhancer
511 - Gold Toner Enhancer
512 - Sepia Enhancer
590 - Pale Flesh Enhancer
591 - Bright Flesh Enhancer
I've added these sets to the website, but I haven't activated them for purchase yet, I'll do that as soon as Life Tones lets me know they've shipped everything.
My goal is to have every thing available at Modelpalooza Orlando, as well as the website at the same time, but we all know how well some of my plans always have a tendency of working out.
CONSTRUCT 1: is done molding, and casting has started, again I hope to have him available for Modelpalooza and on the website soon. Please note, as this piece is fully articulated, there's no set pose for him, so let your imaginations run wild. We're looking forward to seeing all the varied positions when folks start building this one.
AVIA: Avia has been printed and is currently being shipped to us for molding and casting. ETA on this kit is WonderFest 2019.
TIN MAN: Currently being sculpted by Gabe Perna, hoping to be able to send him to print before end of the year.
HALLOWEEN KITS: 2 new Halloween Kits are currently in the works, we hope to have them in time for October this year. One is an addition to the Halloween Nightmares series being sculpted by Troy McDevitt, the other is an all new Halloween kit that we're keeping under wraps until the sculpt is completed, but we think you're going to like it.
I want to say that's it, but I know I'm probably forgetting something.

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