Simple Rules to being a good Garage Kit Producer

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You wanna be a Garage Kit Producer, here are 7 Simple Rules to follow, which will help you along the way:

1) Honor your word. - If you tell a client something, FOLLOW THROUGH, if you can't see rule # 4.

2) Ship on time. - If you can't, see rule # 4.

3) Strive to make the best kits you can.

4) C O M M U N I C A T E!!!!! - If something goes wrong, tell the client what's happening, what you're doing to fix the problem, and when they can expect to hear from you again.

5) DO NOT take anyone's money if you don't have the product. This includes preorders. - It's NOT the clients job to fund your kits, if you can't afford to produce the kit from sculpt to casting, you shouldn't be making it.

6) If you make a mistake, APOLOGIZE and FIX IT!

7) Don't make your clients contact the people what work for you (IE casters/painters/suppliers)! - The client is dealing with YOU, if a client has a problem it's YOUR problem, and it's YOUR job to fix it, don't pass the buck.

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