Paintfest 2019

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Garage Kits.US Colors PAINTFEST 2019 at Wonderfest.

Okay guys, here's the deal on the this year's class for Wonderfest:

Registration is now open for Garage Kits.US Colors Paintfest Class at Wonderfest 2019.

This year’s class will focus on teaching gray scale painting and feature our 1/3rd scale Vampira kit, sculpted by Jim Maddox.

The class will be held on Friday, May 31st, from 9:00 AM to approximately 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM and will be taught by Jim Capone, with assistance from Brent Bristow, myself, and a few of the usual suspects that float around the show.

Please note, that this will not be a ”paint by numbers” type situation. Our plan is to teach the techniques needed to paint any kit in gray scale by having each student create their own light source using a portable LED lamp, photographing their kit, and then replicating the shadows created in their photographs.

The class will include:

1) One pre-cleaned and primed Vampira kit ready to paint.

2) A complete set of both Garage Kits.US Colors Warm and Cool Grey Scale Paint Sets--16 colors in all.

3) A brand new set of Kolibri Detail Paint brushes.

4) And all the supplies you'll need to complete your kit -- which are all yours to keep.

Seating will be limited to 15 students, with a possibility to increase to 20 participants if we can secure a larger room.

Registration is first come first serve.


As most participants already have set ups at home--and in an effort to keep costs down--all students will be required bring their airbrushes and low-noise compressors with them.

Compressors can be mailed to the hotel by either USPS or Fedex Ground, and Wonderfest provides a shipping station at the show to ship items back home.

We will offer an extremely limited amount of full set ups, for those new to the hobby (Price and availability to be determined)


You can register on our website here:

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