Question:  Why do I keep getting email error messages when trying to place an oder? 
nswer:  There seems to be a compatibility issue with the last update of Internet Explorer, try switching to Chrome.  If that doesn't work, try placing the order without signing in, and simply add your shipping information at the end.   We're working on trying to figure out the problem, but this seems to be the quickest work around. 

Question:  Are your paints acrylic?
Answer:  Yes

Question: Do you paints need to be thinned?
Answer: Our paints are ready to use out of the bottle, but depending on the airbrush being used, and more importantly the aperture on the brush, you may have thin down some of the more pigment heavy colors such as the whites and flesh tones.   

Question: Can your paints be used with regular artist paint brushes?
Answer:  Yes, we have many clients that use our paints to paint miniature models, but we don't recommend them for use on large scale models with regular brushes, as they are specially formulated for use with airbrushes. 

Question:  Do you ship worldwide?
Answer:  Yes

Question: Do you accept Paypal? 
Answer: While we do have a PayPal account, we do not accept PayPal as a method of payment through the site, because of the outlandish percentages they charge.   We can make arrangements with you to send payments via PayPal under specific circumstances.    PayPal will only be accepted for US based orders.  

Question:  Are your models painted?
Answer:  No

Question:  Can you paint a model I order?
Answer:  We don't provide that service, but we can put you in contact with several award winning builders who can do that for you.

Question:  What are Enhancers?
Answer:  Enhancers are paints that are just a hue off of our original colors. They are used for shading and highlighting the base colors of your model kit.

Question:  What are Iridescents?
Answer:  Iridescents are colored micro glitter particles in clear suspension fluid. They are used to add additional shimmer where wanted.

Question:  Do you combine shipping on orders of kits and/or paints?
Answer:  Yes, but there's a catch.  Our website connects directly to USPS, and shipment is charged based on box size and weight.  So, if you order 2 or more large kits, the site will automatically charge the fees for that number of boxes, that's just the way that USPS works.  However, we will combine all orders into 1 box, and refund any overcharged shipping fees to your credit card within 48 hours. 

Question: Is there a way to download the tutorials? 
Answer:  Yes, there is a link to a downloadable PDF file at the top of each tutorial.   You'll se it highlighted in blue. 

Question:  Do you give discounts for quantity purchases? 
Answer:  Yes, but 2 or 3 kits isn't "quantity", quantity discounts begin with a minimum of 5 kits. 

Question:  Why must all international orders be shipped via Priority Mail? 
Answer:  Our CC processor will not insure us for orders which we cannot prove delivery via online method, First Class Mail does not provide POD's, PayPal applies this same rule.