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By Jim Capone

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1. Primer: use a rust colored primer for flesh tones. GKC's Brick Red Surface Prep, Krylon Ruddy Brown or Duplicolor Red Primer. A sandable primer works well.

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2. Equal amounts of Toffee Brown and Leather Tan sprayed over all. Don't make any effort to get into recesses; you want to leave those darker.

3. Equal amounts of Bronze Flesh ST (semi-transparent) and Leather Tan applied overall-sprayed primarily from above, with a light misting to undersides. This will create a slight shift to the overall color.

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4. Equal amounts of Bronze Flesh ST and GK Flesh ST. Apply in light, thin layers to gradually lighten areas. Keep the airbrush moving in a circular motion, slowly moving over broad areas. These colors are a mid-tone on the scale of values, not a highlight. Occasionally mist undersides and recessed areas to unify color.

5. GK Flesh ST to build up large highlight areas. Use the same circular motion, thin layers, gradually building up the color.

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6. Several applications of transparent colors are used to enhance the overall tone and color of the flesh. Keep the applications light. They are not necessarily applied everywhere. Reference photos are very helpful.

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7. A mix of Pale Flesh ST and GK Flesh ST is used to gradually build up highlights at top of shoulders, chest, breasts, and face. This is a slow build up. Don't obscure all the colors previously applied.

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8. Adjust color or tone with transparent colors if necessary.

9. Pastel enhancements: Burnt Sienna to edges and recesses to deepen shadows. Pink or Red to cheeks, cleavage, knuckles, and finger tips to add warmth.

10. Make a final color/tone adjustment or punch up highlights if necessary.

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Face, hair, and hand detail:

1. Eyes: Gravestone Gray with a touch of Midnight Blue used to base sclera.

2. Lips: 3 parts Mars Red and 1 part Bronze Flesh for base color.

3. A flesh colored mix of burnt sienna and titanium white watercolor (WC) used to lighten
philtrum (upper edge of lips) and ridges under nose.

4. Black WC used to edge hair. Easy clean up for those hard to reach places.

 photo 07_zps43a0a866.jpg

5. Brush Black Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic (LSBA) into hair recesses.

6. Van Dyke Brown WC used to brush in eyebrows.

7. Silly Putty (SP) mask eyes, Bone White sprayed to sclera.

8. Pink WC along edges of eyelids; darker in corners.

9. Hair masked with SP and based in Jet Black.

 photo 08_zps1bf45a4e.jpg

10. Rich Brown sprayed overall (mainly from above) as a fill color.


11. Tamiya Clear Gloss to eyes. Seals and gives a smooth surface.

12. Black WC to set irises and eyelashes.

13. Various shades of Payne's Gray WC to draw striations.


14. Mask lower lip with SP. Spray from top mix of 1 part Mars Red to 2 parts Virgin Flesh.

15. Use pastels to add shade and color-pink and dark tan.

16. Use Black WC for pupils.

 photo 09_zpsf845fc9d.jpg


17. Use a mix of Rich Brown and Leather Tan as an overall hair fill.

18. Use a mix of Toffee Brown with a touch of Bright Yellow to highlight hair.

19. Enhance hair with Sepia, then Chestnut.

20. Drybrush a mix of Liquitex Soft Body Acrylics (LSBA) Raw Sienna and Yellow Ochre.

 photo 10_zps54e62ceb.jpg

21. Nails are brushed with Bronze Flesh and a touch of Mars Red.

22. Lunula ("French tip") brushed on using a mix of burnt sienna and titanium white WC.

23. Vandyck Brown WC used along edges of nails and at knuckles.

 photo 11_zps922fcb90.jpg

24.Black WC stray hairs and lip separation.


Wood base:

Base with Mars Red or rust primer. GKC's Brick Red Surface Prep, Krylon Ruddy Brown or Duplicolor Red Primer.

 photo 12_zps98690954.jpg

Airbrush fine grain lines using Leather Tan. Then use a Bright Yellow and Bone White mix for grain lines of various thicknesses.

 photo 13_zps10155bf2.jpg

Use a mist of Chestnut then Sepia to adjust color and use Transparent Red Violet for additional lines.

 photo 14_zps0e0a95ee.jpg


Light airbrush a mix of Vandyck and Dioxazine purple WC. Allow to dry, then lightly wipe with damp cloth.

 photo 15_zpsa7086879.jpg


Clothing and drapery:
Note: Please keep in mind that these colors are only suggestions, the techniques used here are applicable to just about any color you would like to use, so please feel free to chose colors which appeal to your tastes.

1. Bodice edged in Hookers Green LSBA.

2. SP mask the base spraying a mix of 1 part Bright Yellow and little Midnight Blue.

 photo 16_zpsec35d821.jpg

3. Use an overall fill color of the same colors but adding more B. Yellow and less M. Blue.

4. Olive Green used to highlight and fill the center section and top portion.

 photo 17_zps6a0e2fd8.jpg

5. A mix of Bright Yellow, Toffee Brown, and a little Olive Green is used to highlight Center and top sections.

6. Lace trim was edged with a mix of LSBA Yellow Oxide and as touch of Titanium White.

7. Lace masked with SP is then filled with a mix of equal parts Bright Yellow, Toffee Brown, and some Bone White to lighten.

8. Vandyck Brown WC wash to lace stitching.

9. Bone White sprayed from above to highlight.

 photo 18_zps28168359.jpg

10. Yellow ochre pastel to deepen folds.

11. Jet Black cuff.

12. Midnight Blue highlight

13. Gravestone Gray trim.

14. Dry brush white LSBA trim and elbows.

 photo 19_zpsa8b85cd2.jpg

15. Drapery edged and recesses are filled in Jet Black.

16. Based in Midnight Blue after SP mask.

 photo 20_zps261db82b.jpg

17. Midnight Blue is lightened with Gravestone Gray for fill and highlights.

18. Decorative trim filled Red Violet and a little Pale Blue.

 photo 21_zps5041461f.jpg

19. More Pale Blue was added to mix then paint every other block.

 photo 22_zpsc416fefb.jpg

20. Edge done with Red Violet.

21. Midnight Blue misted over all to unify and tone down color and for shading.


Black WC edging and thin application over all metallics. Use damp Q-tip to wipe raised surfaces.

 photo 23_zpsed9cb74f.jpg

Deep Gold Metallic (skimmed)

Gold Pearl (skimmed) raised surfaces.

Deep Gold Pearl to recesses/shadows

Chrome highlights.

 photo 24_zps650cb2d4.jpg

GKC's Gloss Sealer for Shine.

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