Milly & Gilly

It's been a long time since our last update, but I think we have something that will make up for lost time. 

For years now, we've been wanting to produce a Tribute Kit to the late great sculptress Millicent Patrick.

08/07/2020 - UPDATES

UPDATE - 08/07/2020: 

First and foremost, we hope that everyone is staying safe and riding out the pandemic. 

To say that Covid19 has made our lives difficult would be an understatement, especially here in South Florida as I'm sure most…

Airbrushing 101

Since there seems to be some confusion about how airbrushes and paints are used and interact with one another, lets open the floor to a productive conversation and try to clear the air.

2019 Wonderfest Closing Dates

Please note, Garage Kits.US will be closing down on May 24th through June 5th for our annual pilgrimage to WonderFest.  Final orders will be shipped out on Saturday May 25th. 

Any orders received while we're out of the office will be shipped…

The Devonian Tadpole

Garage Kits.US Colors is happy to announce, we come to an agreement with sculptor extraordinaire Nick Williams to purchase the rights to reissue "The Devonian Tadpole".
The original sculpture will be retooled, and remolded with newly keyed parts, and each…